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REGTalks powered by Arazy

At Arazy Group, we measure our success in regulatory affairs by the number of amazing products we're able to launch into international markets each year. But let's be real, measuring your own success as a regulatory pro requires staying on top of the latest compliance info and most effective practices - and that's where we come in! Our Regulatory Affairs Rockstars have designed the REGTalks series, which shares the relevant and timely info you need to stay ahead of the curve in the MedTech world. So get ready to level up your skills and join us in bringing some game-changing products to the global market!

REG Talks Educational


Regulatory information

 Online/ in-person 60 to 90 minutes presentations focused on regulatory overview and updates for a specific country or group of countries and presented by regulatory affairs professionals and country experts, designed for Regulatory affairs professionals or international/ regional sales managers who want to enter the subject country or group of countries.  It complements our bi-weekly, regularly updated short video series on YouTube.

REG Talks Worldwide-2


Regulatory technology and information

Online recorded and live presentations focused on regulatory technology for managing marketing licenses and new product registration activities in a specific country or group of countries. Created for regulatory affairs professional or international/ regional sales manager who wants to enter the subject country or group of countries faster and more effectively through the use of regulatory technology solutions, systems, and software.


REG Talks immersive


Jumpstart Workshop 

Full two hours of hands-on training on how to use the Arazy Group LICENSALE system and REGISLATE software. Learn how to JUMPSTART Medtech product registration in 140 counties with a device-specific license application and country-specific registration process management in a matter of minutes. The workshop is designed for Regulatory affairs personnel who wish to transform their profession through regulatory technology solutions, systems, and software.

REG Talks Forum


Share the knowledge 

A semi-annual online event presents numerous medtech regulatory affairs professionals and industry service providers, discussing their experience implementing new processes and advanced solutions in their daily work. RegTalk Forum is a stage for anyone in the global regulatory affair community who wishes to take their practice to the next level.